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¡Toma! is a corner of Spain nestled in the heart of the historic centre of Bolzano. ¡Toma! is the hot newcomer, set to change the look of Via Bottai. ¡Toma! is a choice of wines, beers and beverages that challenge mainstream tastes. ¡Toma! is our selection of tapas, both irresistible and appetising. ¡Toma! is like dancing the Flamenco. Rhythm, passion and energy.


We serve every wine, beer and beverage from the expansive ¡Toma! bar. The drinks are selected based on their character.

When choosing our vino, we focus on natural and biodynamic wines, which we also offer on our daily wine list. There are over 600 items on the wine menu. Amongst these, you will find aromas sure to amaze and prestigious bottles that you can savour by the glass.

For our beers, we have chosen local and Italian artisan brews. One exception is the “cana”, the typical small Spanish draught beer, always served in an ice-cold glass. Then there are the cocktails, from our fresh and light “signature” beverage to the popular Gin and Tonic served with flavoured ice. Finally, there is no shortage of non-alcoholic offerings. Cola and chinotto with special blends, vintage beverages such as Orzata or an alcohol-free Gin and Tonic, able to win over even purists of this cocktail.


Each day, we prepare a selection of 4 hot and 4 cold tapas dishes, served in the display case alongside the counter.

These are served alongside other delicious offerings: the selection of olives, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, tuna from Carloforte, mackerel in oil and, strung from the ceiling, sweet Jamón Ibérico  cured ham. Selected cold cuts, preserves and cheeses complete the offering.

From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm,
we also serve the hot dishes of the day.


¡Toma! is within the premises of a 17th-century “stube”, one of the oldest farmhouse kitchens in Bolzano.

We chose a contemporary style for the restaurant, able to emphasise the spirit of this 17th-century location, embellished with its characteristic fancy chandeliers and antiques.

The space is dominated by the imposing counter, surrounded by the alcoves, the communal table and the historic tiled stove. The vibrant atmosphere of ¡Toma! continues into the private frescoed courtyard and well beyond the imposing stone portal, which opens onto the central Via Bottai.


The ¡Toma! team is here to great you.

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¡Toma! is located in Bolzano, at Via Bottai 25. The restaurant is open from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

We don’t accept reservations. First come, first served, best seated! That’s our philosophy.